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Hello again to the five people that actually read my blog.

As you can already tell, i am not dead.
And no, i haven’t stopped using tumblr for good. Though at some point, i will be deleting this blog and starting up a new one because i’m just kinda tired with this one, honestly.

A lot has been happening these past couple of months. The main reason why i haven’t been on tumblr is because of my dual-credit class and just school in general. I’ve been writing papers every week and just being preoccupied so much that i don’t have time to waste being here. Though tumblr is pretty great, it’s a fantastic way to procrastinate and i’ve got no room for that.

So, to catch up: I’ve written three essays, and i’m starting up a new one this week. I’ve painted a whole bunch with my new oil paints, and it’s pretty great. I submitted a 2x4 foot oil piece into an art show last friday, and my teacher hasn’t updated our class on that yet. Going back to this week’s essay, i got partnered today with a dude and, let me just tell you, i’m pretty okay with it. That’s about it, really. Nothing new here.

Also, i’m gonna be in Chicago tomorrow. So don’t try to stalk me. Because that’s a bad thing. If you’re wondering why i’m gonna be in Chicago, it’s because my class is going to the art museum there and we’re gonna wander around and have lunch and dinner in Chicago. So yeah. That’s that.

So yeah, if you never see anything else after this post, i most likely have deleted this blog and started a new one. I won’t announce what my new url is, so you’re probably just going to see me following you by some random url that i’ve chosen.

So i’m gonna go have dinner. And then i’m gonna get started on deciding a topic for my essay with my partner.

In case i don’t post anymore on this blog, this is my last post. It’s been a shit show; glad to have you guys enjoy it.

See ya later.

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